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Know your customers with Recognys customer recognition analyticsKnow your customers with Recognys customer recognition analytics

What will Recognys tell me?

We know that too much data without analysis is just noise.


Some issues need to be dealt with then and there:

We have an active solution to give you real time notices of things happening that you want to be told about immediately.


Some issues are important but not urgent:

  • When are my busiest times of the day?
  • Should I have more staff in store to ease the strain on the team?
  • Which are my most frequent customers?
  • When do they need special attention? 

We have a passive solution that monitors what is going on in the background and give you the facts, at a time when you have the space to consider and use it to help manage your business.

We can work with your existing infrastructure so you only need to upgrade your hardware when you want to, and can still get access to the benefits of facial recognition technology.

We can assist in helping you create an environment to meet your needs.

We can help you set the software so you get the information you want, when you want it, how you want it.

Working with proven software, we can help you from day one.  

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